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We Offer Soft Washing For Your Charleston Area Home

Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing has earned a flawless reputation as a resource in Charleston for pressure washing, but we should note that it includes soft washing. There’s a great deal of difference between the two types of exterior cleaning techniques, and it all depends on the material we’re cleaning that determines which method is used. For sturdy surfaces like concrete, traditional power washing is the best way to go. However, soft washing is the best choice when it comes to materials that are more fragile and require a gentler approach. We’ll always err on the side of caution because there’s no good reason to cause damage in an effort to clean your property. What good is a clean home if it needs repairs as a result? You can trust our team to choose what will work best for the cleaning job you need.

Understanding The Soft Washing Difference

Soft washing may also be referred to as low or no-pressure cleaning. It’s an alternative form of exterior cleaning perfect for jobs where standard pressure washing is too much, like your roof cleaning, for example. Soft washing relies on eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do the hard work instead of high-pressure water spray. This alternative to power washing offers benefits like:

  • No chance of water intrusion
  • No resulting mold and rot
  • It won’t tear shingles from the rooftop
  • Destroys bacteria at a molecular level to prevent regrowth
  • Beautifies and thoroughly cleans - safely and effectively

For your fragile materials and delicate surfaces, contact Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing for our soft washing.


Quality Cleaning From Specialists Who Care

Homeowners appreciate our approach to exterior cleaning because we’ve shown how much we care about the integrity of our work. We can’t provide quality customer care and satisfaction without doing what’s best for you and your property. We don’t take chances or cut corners when it comes to the work we do.

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If you’re ready to experience the immaculate clean you get from professional soft washing, call the Charleston pressure washing experts today. We’re available to answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote to get started.