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Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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In business, they say first impressions are everything. While that usually is in reference to an individual’s appearance, the same can be said for a commercial building’s appearance. A clean storefront signals to potential customers that the business is inviting, organized, and intentional about attracting new clients.

That is why commercial pressure washing is an absolute necessity when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Just like you clean the interior of your building, cleaning the exterior of your building is just as important. Exterior commercial building cleaning, is cost-effective, time-saving, and a great marketing tool.

Why it is important to pressure wash commercial buildings:

  • It increases foot traffic. Bright-white concrete and shiny windows lead potential customers to your building. Just like glowing fluorescent signs attract the eye, a glowing storefront attracts customers, which brings you more revenue.

  • It prevents injuries and liabilities. Especially for food service locations, greasy sidewalks, oil spills, and food splatter is not just unsightly. It is also dangerous. One accident can cause an employee or customers to severely injure themselves, cost your business thousands upon thousands of dollars, and give your business a bad reputation.

  • It is sanitary. Not only do local municipalities have sanitary and health regulations, but your customers and employees deserve a clean and healthy environment. Cleaning mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and grease off your building’s exterior can improve the health of those at your business and prevent any red flags from being reported on health inspections.

  • It increases property value. Especially in the case of buying and selling commercial real estate, pressure washing increases property value. Not only does curb appeal improve, but if you have record of concrete cleaning, window cleaning, and building washing, the property value goes up and that is more value added to your real estate over time.

  • It prevents property damage. We see it all the time – clogged gutters causing water to backflow under the shingles, causing an outbreak of mold in the building. Dirty roof shingles lead commercial real estate owners into thinking they need to replace the entire roof, when really all it needs is a softwash roof cleaning treatment. Management will replace building signs and awnings when all they need is a good exterior cleaning. We often say to clean it before you replace it. Exterior washing is often 10 times cheaper than replacing whatever it is that is bothering you.

  • It increases local curb appeal. Having a pristine commercial property free of mold, mildew, and algae will attract local customers and investors. Not only can this benefit your property, it can benefit neighboring properties, improving not only your business but also theirs.

  • It reflects the management’s character. If the front entrance to your building is dirty and dilapidated, customers assume that the management does not take care of their business, which they then may assume that the management will also not take care of the customers. Just like clean bathrooms and register counters require maintenance cleaning, exterior building cleaning is required as well.

  • It increases morale. Employees working in a refreshening environment will perform better and are less likely to turn over. Customers feel more important and taken care of in a clean place of business and are more likely to spend their money at your location.

Pressure Washing Checklist for your Commercial Building:

Siding Cleaning:

Clean siding, whether it be brick, vinyl, or stucco, is a necessity for any commercial building looking to attract customers. Commercial buildings covered in algae, dirt, and pollen are unsightly and don’t glow like they did on opening day. For any commercial pressure washing needs, our team at Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing will help your building exterior glow bright. We offer both low-pressure softwash cleaning, as well as medium to high-pressure pressure washing services.

Window Cleaning:

Clean windows are the hallmark of any storefront that wants eye-catching views of the products they have to offer. Dirty windows are also the hallmark of businesses that lose customers due to such a simple, cost-effective service. If your windows are a dusty, pollen-covered eye sore, customers assume the same condition for the products inside the store.

For all of your exterior window cleaning needs, Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing can provide a spot-free finish that will wow customers day in and day out.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning:

Less-thought-of services for commercial pressure washing are roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. Flat top roof cleaning removes black mold and mildew, increasing energy efficiency in the building and improves the longevity of the roof. Roof shingle cleaning and awning cleaning improves the aesthetics of your storefront and gives it that “new” feel, as well as prevents moisture collection and deterioration of the asphalt shingles and fabric awning.

Gutter cleaning can prevent thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage. This one is a no-brainer. Gutter cleaning also prevents “tiger stripes” where the water overflow creates grey streaks on the gutters, taking away that shiny white surface. Water overflow can also be annoying to customers if the debris-filled gutters are directly over the store entrance.

Sidewalk and Concrete Cleaning:

Concrete entryways and sidewalks are the first impression when a customer walks into your store. If the entrance is covered in bacteria, grease, and chewing gum, it gets tracked into the store, causing the need for more frequent and intensive cleaning of the interior flooring.

Not only does commercial sidewalk cleaning improve curb appeal and keep the interior of your building cleaner, but it also prevents injuries and liabilities. Most entryway accidents are caused by greasy and slippery concrete due to food grime and frequent foot traffic. Although this is most common at restaurants and fast-food chains, frequent degreasing and pressure washing should be commonplace at all commercial locations.

For spotless, bright-white concrete, our professionals at Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing provide exceptional results in removing dirt and grime, chewing gum, food grease, and oil stains from sidewalks, drive-throughs, concrete entryways, and dumpster pads. We employ high-performance pressure washers and the most effective, environmentally friendly detergents to keep your commercial building looking the best it can.

Although it is tempting to assign your staff to do the pressure washing around your commercial building, we do not recommend anything beyond minor cleanups. Without the correct detergents, pressure washers, and safety gear, any major sidewalk cleaning or building wash is out of the scope of work of most maintenance staff. Commercial pressure washing is an investment: we all must protect our bottom line, and we are always happy to work out affordable maintenance cleaning schedules with any business in Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas.

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