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100 Hour Review: Simpson Honda GC190, 3200 PSI at 2.3 GPM Pressure Washer

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Whether you are a homeowner looking to do your own pressure washing or are starting your own pressure washing business, the Simpson Megashot (product MSH3125) just might be our favorite beginner’s pressure washer. We have put in over 100 hours on one of these machines doing auto detailing, construction cleanup, and smaller house washing jobs, and now it is time to share our thoughts on why this might be the pressure washer for as you get started in doing your own pressure washing, either professionally or at home.


This lightweight, durable pressure washer is clocking in at a strong yet versatile 3200 PSI and 2.3 gallons per minute (GPM) of flow. This is a standard PSI and GPM rating for a pressure washer going for 400-500 dollars depending on where you look. It also comes with your five standard pressure washing tips, 25 feet of high-pressure hose, a pressure washing wand, a downstream injector, and enough oil to get you rocking and rolling. At 65 pounds in total weight, the Megashot can be rolled around the yard or into a trailer, and it can even be lifted into a truck bed. Most commercial-grade pressure washers are too heavy to lift by oneself, so the Simpson is great for truck bed haulers.

At this point, it may sound like any regular ole’ pressure washer: it has the pressure tips, it has the wand, and it has the pressure hose. It has a reliable Honda GC190 engine, solid and rugged Simpson construction, and is lightweight. When you dive deeper into the details and use this versatile pressure washer, you start to learn all the little details that are great, but you also get to learn all the little details that can be annoying, too.


To keep it brief, we don’t think you are going to find a better pressure washer rated between 2-3 gallons per minute. Simpson makes great, durable products, and Honda engines are top notch, and Triple A pumps are fair. For under $500, this is the perfect pressure washer from a price perspective.


Coming in at 3200 PSI, this pressure washer is fit for pretty much any high-pressure project without any worry. Before starting any project, we recommend review the following article to know which surfaces should be soft washed, and which surfaces should be pressure washed. You can soft wash surfaces with this machine, either by downstreaming with tips rated at 2.5 GPM or greater, or by using an X-JET. You can also pressure wash with this machine as well, whether that be using a surface cleaner, the standard pressure tips, or a turbo nozzle. Make sure you use the right tips with a surface cleaner, keeping the size of the actual surface cleaner to 12 inches in diameter or less to prevent surface cleaner lines.

Consensus: The PSI on this machine is the PERFECT rating for pressure washing.


Gallons per minute, otherwise called the flow rate, is the volume of water that is put out by a pressure washer. The value usually ranges between 1 gallon per minute, up to 10 gallons per minute. We have seen as high as 30 gallons per minute, but this is in very rare cases for cleaning 4-story or higher buildings. The most important aspect of GPM is that it determines how fast you will be able to complete a pressure washing job, and how many stories high you will be able to spray your detergent. With 2.3 gallons per minute, the Simpson Megashot will easily clean 1-story homes, driveways, decks, and fencing. You can clean 2-story buildings with this machine, but you may struggle to reach 3 story eaves or dormer windows, especially if it is windy outside. We recommend getting a step ladder that is 6-12 feet tall in presence of windy conditions or 3-story heights. We would be wary of cleaning anything taller, as you will likely not be able to reach higher than 3 stories without using an extension ladder.

Consensus: The Simpson Megashot is good for cleaning driveways, decks, and 1-story buildings, but make sure you have a step ladder to clean 2-story buildings. We recommend staying away from 3 stories and higher.



Pressure washing tips: The Megashot comes with your standard, 0-, 15-, 25-, and 40-degree pressure tips, as well as a low-pressure soaping tip. Although you can clean just about anything with these tips, we recommend getting a JROD or an XJET for soft washing, and a surface cleaner and/or turbo nozzle for pressure washing concrete.

Consensus: The tips included are great, but we recommend upgrades to professional tips.

hose: This unit comes with 25 feet of high pressure hose. Although this is enough to clean 1-section of a house at a time, we recommend about 100 feet of pressure hose for doing any sort of cleaning. This will give you enough distance to clean a driveway and get you around most smaller homes without having to roll the washer around the property. For larger houses, you will likely have to move the pressure washer a couple of times depending on how long your garden hose is. This hose will also leave marks on painted surfaces as it is not non-marking material. This can look bad on your part of you are cleaning a customer’s home and you leave grey marks on their white painted patio railings. Another issue with this hose is that the connections are not 3/8 ID. This means if you want to hook this hose up to any aftermarket pressure washing wands or install quick-connect fittings, you will have to get reducer bushings to connect them together. We highly recommend upgrading to professional grade, non-marking high pressure 3/8 ID For the Simpson Megashot, stick to 100 feet or less of total pressure hose length.

Consensus: The quality and design of the included pressure hose is poor – go and grab yourself a professional non-marking hose from any reputable online dealer of commercial pressure washing equipment.

Pressure Washing Wand: The included wand does not have 3/8 ID connections, so we immediately recommend upgrading the wabd. Having 3/8 ID connections will allow you to upgrade to quick connect fittings if you wish to have more peace of mind in your washing jobs. For us, the included wand started to leak almost immediately from internal components. This is dangerous when working with corrosive or caustic detergents, as it can run down the handle and onto your hands and can drip onto sensitive landscaping and plants. The ¼ female quick connect on the tip of the wand also got stuck quite often.

Consensus: This wand can get the job done, but we recommend an aftermarket wand with 3/8 ID fitting on the pressure hose end.

Downstream Injector: “Downstreaming” is how you switch between pulling detergents and just water through your pressure line without having to lug around a bucket of chemicals. At a low enough pressure, a ball in the downstream injector will unblock the barb to your chemical bucket, allowing chemical to be pulled through the pressure hose. When you switch back to high pressure tips, the ball then blocks the barb and chemical is no longer pulled through.

The built-in downstream injector can get the job done, but it is much too close to the pump. We recommend having your downstream injector at least 3 feet away from the pump to mitigate any back-cycling of chemicals into the pump. This can be accomplished by purchasing a 3-foot whip line to place between your pump and downstream injector. This also means you should get an aftermarket downstream injector, which can be as cheap as 5 dollars. Any downstream injector should work so long as it is rated at 2.3 GPM. Buy a few in case one goes out while you are cleaning.

Consensus: The built-in downstream injector can be used, but you risk back-cycling chemicals into the pump if not using a whip line to make space between your injector and pump.


Service 4 m

The Simpson Megashot is a sturdy piece of equipment. It weighs 65 pounds, has a solid aluminum construction, and everything from the gas cap to the pull cord feels high quality. For being a lightweight pressure washer, it is prone to tipping over, which can cause all sorts of problems with the internal components. You can end up getting oil into spaces where oil doesn’t belong leading you to a mess of problems in the literal sense. During transport, we recommend either securing the washer with tow straps or wedging it between other pieces of equipment.

After 100 hours following the routine maintenance schedule, we had only a few minor issues that were not mechanical. Specifically, we had to replace an O-ring at the pump outlet and the lid over the air filter broke off which was easily replaceable. Other than expected rust when keeping equipment outdoors around corrosive chemicals, the machine held up well to rust and weathering.

Consensus: From a durability standpoint, the Simpson Megashot has an insane amount of durability for how cheap it is.


In this review, we gave our thoughts on the Simpson Megashot 2.3 GPM, 3200 PSI pressure washer powered by a Honda GC190 engine. This budget-minded pressure washer is a durable piece of equipment that can get you through many power washing jobs. Coming in at around 400-500 dollars, you cannot beat this value for a durable residential pressure washer. 3200 PSI is enough to clean any surface, and 2.3 GPM will allow you clean 1 and 2 story homes, decks, and driveways. It will take a long time compared to commercial grade pressure washers, and you should be wary of attempting to clean anything higher than 3 stories with this machine.

The accessories that come with it, such as the 25 feet of high pressure hose and the wand, are enough to get you through all the pressure washing jobs you need. However, without upgrades to 3/8 ID hoses and wands, long range soaping nozzles, a surface cleaner, and many other peace of mind items, every task from rolling the pressure washer around the yard to trying clean a big driveway is going to be a major headache. If you want to do some serious washing volume, you are going to need an additional $200-500 worth of equipment if you want to avoid spending all day washing a house and a driveway. This is not to dissuade you from buying the Megashot, but it is to make you aware that using this setup can be frustrating at times.

With proper maintenance and use, we can expect homeowners and beginner pressure washers to get many hours on this machine. It is unpredictable when it could catastrophically fail, but we have seen users get hundreds of hours out of the Simpson Megashot. Here is a quick recap of who we think this pressure washer is for, and our overall opinions on it in some brief bullet points:


  • Budget-minded buyers looking to spend $400-500
  • Auto detailers, residential pressure washing, construction cleanup.
  • Beginners and novices wanting to get comfortable using a pressure washer.


  • This is a durable, affordable, amazing pressure washer for beginners.
  • It has everything you need to get started doing your own pressure washing.
  • The accessories are medium-low quality but get the job done.

We hope this review of the Simpson Megashot was valuable to you in researching if this is the right pressure washer for you. At Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing, we pride ourselves on being the Lowcountry’s premier pressure washing and softwashing company, where we guarantee peace of mind every time. From our top-of-the-line education and training, equipment, and customer service, we love providing excellent results to homeowners and business owners around the Charleston Area.

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